My office hours for Spring 2014 are Mondays, from 3:00 - 5:00 pm, or otherwise by appointment.  Students can drop by at any point during my office hours or can reserve a time here.

Georgetown course materials

Full details courses taught at Georgetown are available to MSPP students via Blackboard. Syllabi are available below.

PPOL 650: Behavioral economics and development policy (Fall 2015)

PPOL 540:  Social and economic development policy (Fall 2013 - present)
PPOL 503:  Regression methods for policy analysis (Spring 2014 - present)

Oxford course materials


Program evaluation (MSc in Economics for Development: Quantitative Methods)

  • Lecture 1:  Counterfactual problems and causal inference under unconfoundedness (handout)
  • Lecture 2:  Imperfect compliance and heterogeneity (handout.)
  • Lecture 3:  A structural approach to program evaluation (handout.)
  • Stata lab 1: Evaluation of Progresa -- a comparison of experimental and non-experimental methods (exercise)
  • Stata lab 2: Building bridges (exercise)

Behavioral development economics (part of the MPhil Economics/MSc Economics for Development course:  Development Economics)

  • Lecture 1:  Questions, methods, and an introductory example (handout)
  • Lecture 2:  Time inconsistency (handout)
  • Lecture 3:  Social preferences (handout)
Human capital:  Production and returns (MPhil Economics; MSc in Economics for Development).  Taught jointly with Sonia Bhalotra, whose lectures are available from the course website to users within the University's domain.
  • Lecture 5:  Education and earnings (handout)
  • Lecture 6:  Incentives for student attendance and attainment (handout)
  • Lecture 7:  The failure (?) of input-based policies (handout)
  • Lecture 8:  Teacher incentives and accountability mechanisms (handout)


Economics of Developing Countries:  Dual economy models

Economics of Developing Countries:  Microfinance