Data from various past and ongoing field projects are made available for public use below.  Please contact me if you plan to make use of these data.  Academic work based on these data is listed on my research page.

Management and motivation in Ugandan primary schools (baseline survey)

This project investigates the impact of strengthening information flows on learning outcomes in rural, government primary schools in Uganda.  The baseline survey includes data collected in 100 schools, in 4 districts.  This field exercise included collection of a school-level survey instrument, standardized testing of pupils in P3 and P6, and individual questionnaires administered to a sample of head teachers, teachers, School Management Committee members, and parents.

Data from the baseline survey are available in Stata format, together with supporting documentation, are provided below:
This project was financed by the UK Department for International Development, under the Improving Institutions for Pro-poor Growth (iiG) research consortium.  For further details, please see the project webpage.

Ghana Cocoa Farmers Survey

Since 2004, I have been involved in the Ghana Cocoa Farmers Survey, conducted by the CSAE in collaboration with the Ghana Cocoa Board and the Ghana Statistical Service. The first round of this survey was conducted in 2002 by Marcella Vigneri. These data are now available for public use.

Data in raw form are available here, together with some documentation of the surveys and their structure, and a set of demonstration files, including a Stata do-file for putting together a panel of key observations and the resulting dataset.